This one location site can be used to get a lot of public network information.


Tons of information can be found online using Google about a target.

site:return results of that specific site
filetype:return only file types
intitle:return results with that specific title
inurl:return results with the string in the URL

To do reverse effects, use - before the parameter.

Email Harvesting

Search emails from:

  • Google site searches
  • Social media searches
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram

Using theharvester tool using google, saving to a text file:

theharvester -d <domain> -b google > <file>.txt

Using theharvester tool using Bing, saving to a text file:

theharvester -d <domain> -l 10 -b bing > <file>.txt


Shodan is a great online tool. It requires a sign up and has different tiers available.

URL Scan

This site is a great tool for checking out details of websites without actually going to them and exposing potential dangerous sites.